Crystal is available to lead workshops on a variety of topics.

In the past, she has lead sessions about SEL centered classroom philosophy and activities, classroom management, burnout resistance, Orff-Schulwerk process, cross-curricular activities, and strategies for distance learning.

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The 2021-2022 school year has teachers all over the world facing staggering challenges. After a year and a half of enormous stress and global trauma, teachers and students find themselves struggling to find their way back to stability in the classroom. In this webinar, Crystal Pridmore offers insight towards framing the way we think about the mindset children come to school with from a brain-science perspective. Once we explore the way trauma affects the brain and behavioral patterns, we can come up with strategies to manage the behavior and manage ourselves as teachers.

Participants will walk away with classroom management strategies, music class activities focused on SEL and executive functioning objectives, corresponding slides for the lessons, and suggestions to protect their energy and motivation levels as teachers in an extraordinarily difficult teaching year.

You will be given access the workshop recording and downloadable materials from the presentation.

A certificate of completion can be provided to participants who request one for professional development hours.



Reigniting Joy in Music Class Post Lockdown

We will explore a number of lessons and activities to engage both the learners and teacher in bringing every action to the present moment. Mindfulness is more important than ever as we take the first steps toward recovery from the pandemic. Our time together will focus on seeing the Orff Schulwerk process through an SEL, trauma informed lens.

Saturday October 23, 2021

Inland Counties Chapter of AOSA

University of Redlands School of Music, CA

Mindful Music Making:

Orff-Schulwerk Process Lessons Through a Trauma Informed, SEL Based Lens

Crystal Pridmore, Saturday September 18, 2021

Sierra Nevada AOSA Chapter

Reno, NV

Children’s books can be the perfect launchpad for a lesson, unit, or performance in your music class. Join the Chaotic Harmony podcast team members – Marc Keehmer, Crystal Pridmore, and Jonathan Seligman – as they share lessons they’ve developed from their favorite children’s books. These lessons are applicable online, in person, or hybrid. Participants will walk away with three ready-to-use lesson plans from the given books and tools for selecting an appropriate book for the music room.

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“Instruments are for Everyone!: Making Instruments Accessible to Special Learners in Elementary General Music”

with Crystal Pridmore and Lowri Casimiro, Saturday, February 20, 2021, 11am - 11:50am.

Mindful Music Making: Social-Emotionally Conscious Activities that Nurture Teacher & Student

In this workshop, we will explore activities that simultaneously move students towards mastery in national core arts standards and nurture their souls as artists and humans. Music making should be joyful for both the teacher and student, especially as we move forward from a global crisis. Our goal by the end of our time together is to have some tools to ground ourselves as educators as we continue to be important agents of healing and growth for our students

A Different Lens for Online Teaching

American River Orff Schulwerk Association (Sacramento Chapter)

October 17, 2020, Virtual Workshop

Teaching online is vastly different than teaching in person. However, there a number of tools, tips, and paradigm shifts that can make the digital space seem less foreign. Marc Keehmer, Crystal Pridmore, and Jonathan Seligman will be sharing what they learned last school year on how to navigate this new space. Their different approaches will give allowance for any teacher to transfer their teaching style and philosophy onto this different educational landscape.

Using children’s literature as a point of inspiration, Casey will lead participants as they sing, say, dance, and play their way through a series of activities that can be used for any elementary class. Each activity will include an opportunity for participants to explore the concepts through movement, song, and playing instruments. All activities can be modified to fit a virtual or in-person lesson. Crystal will lead participants through a series of movement-focused lessons inspired by SEL literature to help students explore and process their feelings and emotions. All activities will be appropriate for both in-person and virtual teaching.

Classroom Management

October 19, 2019

Crystal Pridmore is presenting with 4 CVESD music teacher colleagues at the 2019 Arts Empower Mega Conference in Balboa Park on classroom management for teachers who process hundreds of students through their specialty classrooms. Special focus is given to practices that help students with special needs thrive.

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Social Media Advocacy

October 18, 2018

In collaboration with CVESD VAPA Coordinator Lauren Shelton and arts teachers Jon Seligman and Sara Baldwin, Crystal Pridmore presented practical steps to using social media as an advocacy tool for arts education programs to San Diego County arts educators.

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Sing, Say, Move, & Play

October 12, 2017

Members of the San Diego American Orff Schulwerk Association presented active ways to engage elementary students of all ages to sing, say, move, and play their way in creative music and movement activities to arts educators from all over San Diego county. Crystal presented an activity for music that included computer coding connections.

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